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Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • Beware of the Magic Words

    "The law applies common sense," I often tell my clients. "No special words are usually needed when you draft an agreement; just make sure it is clear." Unfortunately, that is not always the case. After suffering a recent disappointment in a case in Federal court, my client, Aversion Technologies, consented to my discussing its case here so that others can take heed and avoid what happened. ...
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  • Take Steps to Protect Your Intellectual Property

    When an entrepreneur or business owner starts a business, they have usually spent quite a bit of time and money planning, programming and developing not only how their business will operate, but what unique machinery, tools, actions, and products they will use in order to get the edge on the competition. Doing the same thing as your competitor is one thing, but when you have come up with a unique ...
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