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Breach of Contract: Material Breach

Breach of Contract: Material Breach

A material breach of contract is a failure to fulfill a contract which is so severe that the contract itself is broken and nullified. Such a breach strikes at the core of the contract and the agreement between the two parties. In such a case, the offended party is usually able to end the agreement and try to collect damages from the other in court.

Courts will look at several factors to determine if a material breach of contract took place:

  • The breach needs to deprive you of the "heart" of what you bargained for, such as being promised a certain and specific car and being given anything other than that particular vehicle.
  • A breach of contract is unlikely to be considered material if the problem could be easily remedied by a simple fix or monetary payout.
  • How much of the contractual obligation has been fulfilled and will the breaching party lose this investment in time or capital.
  • The more likely it is that the breaching party will be able to fix the problem, the less chance the breach has of being considered material.
  • A court is more likely to determine a material breach occurred if the breach was willful or resulted from bad faith.
  • The non-breaching party needs to show it is ready, willing, and able to fulfill its own contractual obligations for the court to find a material breach.
  • The contract may itself include language on what exactly constitutes a material breach of contract which the court can look to.

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