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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Beware of the Magic Words

    "The law applies common sense," I often tell my clients. "No special words are usually needed when you draft an agreement; just make sure it is clear." Unfortunately, that is not always the case. After suffering a recent disappointment in a case in Federal court, my client, Aversion Technologies, consented to my discussing its case here so that others can take heed and avoid what happened. ...
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  • Take Steps to Protect Your Intellectual Property

    When an entrepreneur or business owner starts a business, they have usually spent quite a bit of time and money planning, programming and developing not only how their business will operate, but what unique machinery, tools, actions, and products they will use in order to get the edge on the competition. Doing the same thing as your competitor is one thing, but when you have come up with a unique ...
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  • Cablevision and AMC Settle Voom HD Litigation with DISH Network

    After four years of legal disputes and litigation, Cablevision and AMC Networks have settled the Voom HD litigation with DISH Network. According to legal reports, Voom HD (an LLC owned by Cablevision and now part of AMC Networks) had entered into an affiliation agreement with EchoStar (a provider of direct broadcast satellite television services though DISH Network). The affiliation agreement was ...
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  • Answer to Avvo question on Selection of Business Entity

    I answered the following question on and thought it might be of interest. "We live in MD. I have an LLC as a therapist providing services in private office. My husband has a proprioetorship in construction. Together, we started buying houses and renting them. He is fixing house #3. We have been advised to turn his company into an LLC and create another LLC to protect our rental houses. Do ...
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  • Covenants not to Compete in Maryland

    Covenants not to compete ("non-competes" or "restrictive covenants") arise in several contexts. Employers often require employees to sign non-competes when they begin work with a company. Businesses frequently request covenants not to compete when they work with other businesses, such as in Government subcontracts or franchise agreements. Likewise, the buyer of a business will usually make it a ...
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  • Welcome to our new Maryland Civil Litigation Blog

    At Brennan Lynch Litigation Lawyers we are intent on providing excellent service for all of our clients through providing information, answers, discussion and advice as well as aggressive representation should the need arise. You will be able to find various updates to the law, news and other information on our blog on a regular basis. It is important that you check back often to read more about ...
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