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Take Steps to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Take Steps to Protect Your Intellectual Property

When an entrepreneur or business owner starts a business, they have usually spent quite a bit of time and money planning, programming and developing not only how their business will operate, but what unique machinery, tools, actions, and products they will use in order to get the edge on the competition. Doing the same thing as your competitor is one thing, but when you have come up with a unique or innovative way to produce your product, or you have a decidedly unique product, that is something you will want to protect. That is your intellectual property and can be a key component in the success of your business.

If someone were to take your innovative ideas and use them in their own business, it could cost you customers, profits and even your business itself. Thankfully, the law protects intellectual property just as it does physical property. Unfortunately not everyone understands that your unique methods, your specialized programming, your innovative machinery, is what make (or break) your business. In some cases, individuals have taken successful business practices from one company and brought them to another, without even considering they were doing anything wrong. That is why it is extremely important that you take steps to protect your intellectual property for the future success of your business.

One of the first steps you should take is to consult with one of our experienced civil litigation attorneys so that we can review your specific situation. We can evaluate your innovations and business practices and advise you of what aspects of your business you can and should seek to legally protect. There are many different ways to protect intellectual property such as obtaining a trademark, a patent, a copyright, or ensuring that it qualifies as a legally protected trade secret.

Our firm has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals who have intellectual property they need protected. We understand that doing so can mean the difference between the success and failure of your venture. Should competitors try to violate your intellectual property rights, we can help you file for an injunctions or seek damages or other monetary remedies. Our goal is to see that your intellectual property is protected so that you can get back to successfully running your business.

If you think you have intellectual property that needs to be protected, contact a civil litigation lawyer at Brennan Lynch LLPand schedule a confidential consultation today.